You may have noticed that all the Jewel Within handcrafted candles are made with a soy wax proprietary blend. While they’re more common these days, soy candles might still strike some consumers as new, and maybe even a little surprising. Of all the sources in the world, why “soy”? These candles aren’t just a trendy way of giving off light and scent – soy is one of the best materials to make candles with, and here’s why!

Soy Candles Are Better For You

Soy is nontoxic, Most conventional candles are made from artificially created waxes like paraffin. Paraffin comes from a petroleum base, so when it is melted down, it releases by-products and black soot in the air. Paraffin candles also use chemical additives that raise the melting point of the wax.

Soy, on the other hand, is a vegetable oil that stays solid at room temperature. It doesn’t need petroleum to form, nor the sulfates, phthalates, or parabens that come with it.

Soy Candles Are Better For The Environment 

Soy is nontoxic, sure, but it’s also much better for the environment. Petroleum-based paraffin doesn’t come from renewable resource, but soybeans do. Oil comes from plants and animals that died millions of years ago, so you can’t just get more of it when needed. On the other hand, need more soy? Grow it! It’s a simple ingredient made into a simple wax. Soy is also biodegradable, so it’s not bad for the environment when tossed out.

Soy Candles Don’t Waste The Wax

Candles made from soy burn longer! This kind of wax has a lower melting point than conventional paraffin, meaning it burns at a cooler temperature and won’t evaporate as quickly. Soy candle wax also burns more evenly, and less of the wax will cling to the glass and become unusable.

Soy Candle Wax Cleans Easier

Have you noticed that wax is a real pain to clean? This isn’t the case with soy wax! Since it’s made from natural sources, it’s water soluble. If the soy wax gets onto a surface, using a little warm water and soap right away will clean it and any residue off. It also makes it easy to reuse the artistic glass that holds every Jewel Within candle.

Soy Candles Smell NicerCandle and box labelled Playful Passion Flower luxury jewelry candle surrounded by jewelry on concrete slab jewel within

Soy candles give you more burning time, but they also give you more scent for your money. Because it burns cleaner and more steadily than petroleum-based waxes, the slow burn allows the scents from natural essential oils to come through stronger, yet more gradually, than chemically-scented wax. You’ll also notice that the scent, coming as it does from another natural source, is a lot more pleasant!

Longer-lasting, cleaner-burning, a better scent: soy candles are the only candles you should be using. Better yet, make it a candle with a little something extra inside. Once you experience Jewel Within candles, you’ll see – and smell – why!

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