Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with it comes the rush to the store for roses, chocolate, and cards. Couples have been celebrating this romantic day for hundreds of years – is this the best we can do?

Go above and beyond this February 14. Every Jewel Within gift comes with an extra special surprise, and with a wide variety of sensual scents, there’s something for every kind of relationship!

For Long-Lasting Valentines Day Aromas: Wax Melt Tarts And Candles

If you just need some subtle romance in the air, Jewel Within wax melts are the way to go. Each package includes four wax “tarts” in a beautiful box. They work in most wax melters, releasing up to 24 hours of continuous fragrance release per melt. Each set of four Jewel Within wax tarts also contains a carefully wrapped, high-quality piece of jewelry inside one of the melts!

If you’re paramour is into candles, try the hand-poured Playful Passion Flower Jewelry Candle. Made from a proprietary blend of soy and wax, the candle gives off an edgy floral scent with notes of passion fruit. Everything is perfectly safe and allergy-friendly, with a 100% cotton wick that doesn’t give off smoke or soot.

For The Couple That Enjoys A Steamy Soak: Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are another great gift to enjoy either on one’s own or as a couple. The natural ingredients smell amazing and produce a rich foam in your bath, all while staying 100% vegan and paraben-free. To ensure quality, every bath bomb is handmade!

For Valentine’s Day, make sure to try the luxurious fragrance of the Shades of Love bath bombs. Watch as it releases little hearts that go from soft purple to pink in the water, and make sure to nab that jewelry as it floats by!

For The Person, Who Deserves Everything: Gift Sets

If you just can’t decide on one perfect Valentine’s Day gift, why not go all-in? Bath lovers will adore the Romance Bubble Bath Bomb Collection. The bath bombs are made with natural, moisturizing coconut and apricot kernel oils, leaving your skin feeling silky soft without leaving a residue behind in your bathtub.

This set contains one bath bomb in each aroma from our Romance Collection: Cashmere and Roses, Vanilla Jasmine, and Playful Passion Flower. Each has a range of scents, guaranteed to appeal to everyone.

If you want a little more than just bath bombs, the Shades of Love gift set is perfect. It’s a combination of two sweet, romantic products, making it perfect for your post-dinner Valentine’s Day. To start, the Shades of Love Candle gives off a soft glow from the 100% bamboo wood wick, and you can watch as it turns from a lovely soft purple into a romantic pink. It will slowly melt down to reveal the amazing 925 silver jewelry. After you have enjoyed the candle, the wax will cool and return to its original soft purple.

While the candle is doing its thing, drop a Shades of Love bath bomb and watch as it transforms your bath into a purple paradise! Relax in the moisturizing shea and coconut oils while you await your surprise carefully packaged in a plastic capsule. As the bath bomb dissolves, your capsule will float to the surface ready to be revealed!

A Little Something Extrasilver chain link necklace with heart shaped clasp holding tear drop shaped pendant with diamonds surrounding larger diamond in middle jewel within

At Jewel Within, we’re not just content with one nice gift. All of our products are double the surprise: you’ll find genuine sterling silver jewelry in every candle, bath bomb, and wax melt, and it could be worth up to $6,000! Who knows what you’ll find inside?

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