Shades of Love Colour Changing Jewelry Candle


This candle has a warm, vanilla/fruit fragrance and changes from a soft purple to romantic pink as it burns. It returns to purple once extinguished.  Made in Canada with a wood wick. Uncover a beautiful piece of jewelry hidden inside!

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Experience the one of a kind Shades of Love Candle!

Uncover either a ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace or bracelet! You could uncover a piece valued up to $6,000!



  • PATENT PENDING unique color change technology
  • Hand made especially for you
  • Candle volume: 250g / 9oz
  • Soy wax proprietary blend
  • Changes color from soft purple to romantic pink
  • 100% bamboo woodwick
  • Luxury fragrance with excellent release
  • No soot or smoke
  • Reusable artistic glass
  • Sulfate, paraben & phthalate free
  • No animal testing