Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Having trouble shopping for a certain person (or people) on your list? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Gifts for the bath and home are perfect for when you’re struggling for an idea, because they’re useful, stress-relieving gifts that can still be thoughtful. Who wouldn’t want all that during the busiest, most stress-inducing time of the year?

For That Great Friend

Sometimes, our best friends are the hardest to surprise. You know so much about each other, what’s left to give?Candle Jewelry Gifts Friendship

For the friend who has everything, Jewel Within has hand-poured Friendship Candles. With a luxurious scent, radiant glow, and no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates, it’s the perfect gift for the purest of hearts. Plus, the sterling silver necklace that they can appraise on our site will add some additional excitement!

For the Person Who Needs Some Relaxation

The holidays can be a hard time for some people. Not everyone associates the snowy season with good cheer, and even those who do can be at their wit’s end by Christmas morning. Help them find a calming center with some of our relaxing hand-crafted candles, melts, and bath bombs.

Containers labelled mineral spa luxury jewelry candle surrounded by jewelry on concrete slab jewel withinYou have so much to choose from, too! The Mineral Spa Wax Melts will release a soothing scent as they melt down, releasing the calming fragrance for as long as 24 hours. The Mineral Spa Candle does the same, only in a reusable artistic glass. Our bath bombs, which come in the Divine Detox, Christmas Stocking, Exotic Fruit, Shades of Love, and Romance collections, will take relaxing with a warm bath to new heights!

For The Romantics

Whether it’s Christmas morning or right now, December is the perfect time to give a gift that will spark up some extra romance. If you’re a guy who needs an additional something for under the tree (or a gal who just wants to include your partner in some passionate shenanigans), the Romance collection of bath bombs and the Playful Passions Wax Melts will be enjoyed by all!

You also won’t find candles like Jewel Within’s anywhere else. Our original Shades of Love candles do something extraordinary: as they heat up, they go from a soft purple to a heart-melting pink. When they harden again, the purple hues return! Not only that, but each candle contains either a ring, a pair of earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet, any of which could be valued at up to $6,000!

The holidays should be full of unique surprises. By giving a Jewel Within gift, you’ll make sure they’ll enjoy the gift long after Christmas morning!

For the Person Who Sings Christmas Songs in November


Nothing is more festive than a holiday stocking filled with surprises.  This is a “ready to give” gift that’s fun and easy to give. It features three items, each with a piece of jewelry inside:

  • You Made the Naughty List coal bath bomb
  • Divine Detox face mask
  • Good Vibes Smoothie body scrub
  • Card attached that reads “Have Yourself a Very Special Christmas”

holiday gift guide

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