How It Works

CANDLES – Each candle contains one piece of jewelry which is carefully wrapped in foil and affixed to the inside of the glass.  Allow your candle to burn down to expose the jewel within.  Extinguish your candle and allow it to cool before removing the jewelry.

WAX MELT TARTES – Use a conventional wax melter and our wax melt tarts to add aroma to your living space.  One of the four melts in your gift package contains a piece of jewelry which is carefully wrapped in foil.  Once exposed, use a pair of tweezers to carefully remove your jewelry

BATH BOMB – One of the luxury bubble bath bombs in your gift box of three contains a piece of jewelry, encased in a plastic capsule. The capsule helps to protect the jewelry and prevent it from accidentally going down the drain.  Most times, the capsule will rise to the surface of the water once the bath bomb has completed, however, as some of our jewelry is quite heavy, it may stay at the bottom of the tub.

THE GOLDEN CERTIFICATE – If you find a  golden certificate with a code printed on it this means you have received a higher value piece of jewelry!  Our golden certificate jewelry ranges from $1,000 – $6,000.  If you receive a golden certificate, keep your ticket and contact us with your code.  We will inform you of your jewelry value and then you will be able to choose which type and style of jewelry you would like to receive. To read the Official Rules and Regulations please click here.