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The Best Way To Burn Candles Safely In Your Home

By Jewel Within | May 17, 2019

Jewel Within takes candles seriously, and we take candle safety seriously, too. Any open flame should be used with caution, no matter how small it is, and candles should be treated delicately for the safety of your home and family. Here are some tips to remember before you light one of our candles to ensure…

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The Best Types Of Candles For The Cottage

By Jewel Within | May 9, 2019

Summertime is cottage time for many people, and your trip to this piece of tamed wilderness is always a special occasion. Treat yourself and your cottage to a special candle, one that will help make the most of your vacation. You need cottage candles that can refresh, relax, and turn up the romance when you’re…

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Why Choose Soy Candles?

By Jewel Within | Feb 20, 2019

You may have noticed that all the Jewel Within handcrafted candles are made with a soy wax proprietary blend. While they’re more common these days, soy candles might still strike some consumers as new, and maybe even a little surprising. Of all the sources in the world, why “soy”? These candles aren’t just a trendy…

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This Is A Shades Of Love Collection Valentine's Day Gift Set

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

By Jewel Within | Feb 5, 2019

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with it comes the rush to the store for roses, chocolate, and cards. Couples have been celebrating this romantic day for hundreds of years – is this the best we can do? Go above and beyond this February 14. Every Jewel Within gift comes with an extra special surprise,…

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How To Clean 925 Silver Jewelry

By Jewel Within | Jan 17, 2019

925 silver has a “sterling” reputation for its beauty and ability to accommodate just about any clothing or other jewelry. But it also has a reputation for tarnishing. In reality, tarnish only becomes a problem if the proper steps for its care aren’t followed, but most people don’t know these steps! Whatever surprise you find…

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What Is 925 Silver?

By Jewel Within | Jan 10, 2019

In every Jewel Within candle, wax melt, and bath bomb, you’ll find an extra surprise: real sterling silver jewelry! It’s always exciting to see what you get inside. But do you ever wonder what makes sterling silver different from regular silver? It’s all in the name! Well, not the name “sterling silver”, but in another…

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Our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

By Jewel Within | Dec 7, 2018

Having trouble shopping for a certain person (or people) on your list? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Gifts for the bath and home are perfect for when you’re struggling for an idea, because they’re useful, stress-relieving gifts that can still be thoughtful. Who wouldn’t want all that during the busiest, most stress-inducing time of…

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How Do I Figure Out My Ring Size?

By Jewel Within | Nov 12, 2018

Note: These instructions follow the North American convention for ring sizing.  If you are buying from another country use our handy ring size converter!

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How to Care for Your Jewelry

By Jewel Within | Nov 12, 2018

So you’ve uncovered a sparkling 925 silver piece of jewelry from your Jewel Within product and it looks amazing! It’s classy and you can see yourself wearing it on many occasions. But did you know that silver tarnishes over time when exposed to certain elements?

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