Four New Ways to use Bath Bombs

By Faith | Jan 23, 2021

In our part of the world, we are heading into what is called the “dead of winter” – holidays are over, and, with months to go until spring graces us with its’ warmth and colours, the only thing we have to look forward to in the short term is cold, snow, and freezing rain. Trying…

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Happy Holidays from Jewel Within

By Faith | Dec 24, 2020

While this year has been totally unexpected and we have had to make changes in the way that we operate, it has still been an amazing year.  It has shown us that people can come together in the midst of adversity. It has shown us that people do want to support local business. And it…

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Finding Joy

By Faith | Dec 4, 2020

Do you see beauty around you everyday? In these difficult times, can you see the joy and loveliness in the little (and big) things of life? Does your light shine in the darkness? Thanks to the pandemic and other related situations, this year has knocked many of us back on our heels. In fact, to…

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Home Relaxation

By Faith | May 28, 2020

Home—the place we’d usually retreat to after working or come back to after traveling or doing some other kind of activity.  But now it’s where we do everything: business, work, play, exercise, socialize by communicating on line etc. So more than ever we need ways to relax at home and take that ever needed “me…

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What do for Mom on Mother’s Day

By Faith | May 7, 2020

Mother’s Day is coming up! Gosh and its COVID-19 lockdown. Well, cross that dinner out off the list or that overnight trip. What can you do to make this day special for your Mom? Whether you are in same home or separated due to COVID-19, we have fun ideas to make this Mother’s day special…

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How To Burn A Candle For Maximum Life

By Jewel Within | Dec 4, 2019

A Jewel Within candle should be enjoyed for as long as possible, but some factors might decrease the time you have with it. By not enjoying the candle in the right spot or not maintaining the wick, the candle can burn through its wax much more quickly than you’d like. Don’t worry – you can…

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Why Do Candles Get A Layer Of Oil On Top?

By Jewel Within | Nov 27, 2019

Out of all the available candle wax, soy wax provides the best balance between the burn and its fragrance. But on some candles, you might notice that a layer of oil forms at the top as it stays lit. This pooling is called “sweating,” and it affects how well your candle burns, how it looks,…

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Are Bath Bombs Safe For Children?

By Jewel Within | Nov 4, 2019

You love how bath bombs improve your time in the tub, but children can find the fizz, colours, and scent just as appealing. Because many of these products are made for grown-ups, it’s easy to think that they aren’t suitable for little ones. This isn’t true!  Bath bombs can be safe for children, but it…

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why do candles flicker blog - Jewel within

Why Do Candles Flicker

By Jewel Within | Oct 25, 2019

Have you ever noticed when your candles start flickering? The flame will waver and the light diminishes then quickly brightens, almost as if somebody is playing with a switch. Flickering is caused either by impurities in the wax interrupting the flow in the wick, or that there is a draft in the room. If you’re…

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