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bath bombs and children - jewel within

Are Bath Bombs Safe For Children?

You love how bath bombs improve your time in the tub, but children can find the fizz, colours, and scent just as appealing. Because many of these products are made for grown-ups, it’s easy to think that they aren’t suitable for little ones. This isn’t true!  Bath bombs can be safe for children, but it…
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why do candles flicker blog - Jewel within

Why Do Candles Flicker

Have you ever noticed when your candles start flickering? The flame will waver and the light diminishes then quickly brightens, almost as if somebody is playing with a switch. Flickering is caused either by impurities in the wax interrupting the flow in the wick, or that there is a draft in the room. If you’re…
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healthy candles blog - jewel within

Are Candles Healthy For You?

People usually enjoy scented candles for their ambiance, but did you know that these candles can also contain health benefits? The healthy enjoyment of a candle starts with clean ingredients. While a lack of impurities doesn’t mean that the candle will improve your health, a properly chosen candle will bring some surprising benefits!
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Jewel Within candle blog

How Can I Make Candles Last Longer?

Did you know there is a proper way to burn a candle? It’s not just about treating them safely; proper burning helps the candle last longer! Follow these tips to make sure you get more out of your Jewel Within candle.
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wash your hair header

Can You Wash Your Hair With A Bath Bomb In The Water?

Many bathers have some mixed feelings when it comes to being able to wash your hair when also enjoying a bath bomb. It’s more or less that they don’t know how the bath bomb’s ingredients, like the baking soda, essential oils, and fatty oils, will affect their hair. Positively or negatively, do these actually have…
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Twenty Occasions To Give A Gift With A Jewelry Surprise Inside

Are you looking for a present that really wows your giftee? The Jewel Within bath bomb collection contains a jewelry surprise making it the perfect gift for many different occasions. We only had space to list 20 here, but whatever the moment, the recipient will find your present thoughtful, unique, and useful. Because with our…
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