Summertime is cottage time for many people, and your trip to this piece of tamed wilderness is always a special occasion. Treat yourself and your cottage to a special candle, one that will help make the most of your vacation. You need cottage candles that can refresh, relax, and turn up the romance when you’re up at the cottage, and we have just the thing!

Freshen Up The Cottage

Candle and box labelled Cucumber White Peach luxury jewelry candle surrounded by jewelry on concrete slab jewel withinThe cottage has probably become a bit stale after not being used for months. The stuffiness can take a while to go away, and this can really reduce your enjoyment of the cottage at a time when you have no minute to spare! A candle can help bring back some of the freshness you’ll be craving, especially if it’s still a little too cold to throw open all the windows.

You can effectively tackle that mustiness with the Jewel Within Cucumber White Peach Jewelry Candle. The scent of freshly-cut cucumber with just a hint of peachiness will freshen up your cottage and make it much easier to enjoy.

Relaxation Is Crucial For Cottage Candles

You probably head up to a cottage to escape your routine and squeeze in a little time to relax, and this means making the trip Containers labelled mineral spa luxury jewelry candle surrounded by jewelry on concrete slab jewel withinmultiple times during the summer. Whether you’re spending a rainy day indoors or an evening out on the deck, the perfect choice of candle will help you get into relaxation mode without delay.

If this is the goal for your weekend (or weeklong) cottage getaway, take the Jewel Within Mineral Spa Jewelry Candle. The soothing scent will melt all those job-related concerns right away, and you’ll be able to properly relax on your time off!

The Cottage Is All About Romance

A cottage isn’t always a little bit of wilderness – it can also be a sweet romantic getaway. It’s isolated from society, there’s fresh air, you can see a sky full of stars – it’s just about perfect. Add a bottle of wine and a romantic candle, and the evening can be tipped right into the realm of perfection!

Whatever your mood, we have the candle for you. Playful Passion, Cashmere and Roses, and the Shades of Love Colour Changing Jewelry Candle are all guaranteed to help with your romantic cottage retreat.

Jewel Within Cottage Candles Are Environmentally-Friendly

two candles one lit labelled shades of love a necklace with a silver arrow piercing a pearl two rings with silver bands studded with diamonds black box labelled jewel within shades of love color changing jewelry candle pink sugar on cracked concrete surfaceTrips to the cottage should be waste-free as possible, but candles aren’t exactly known to be a zero-waste product. You won’t have that problem with Jewel Within candles. They are all hand-poured and made with a non-toxic soy-wax proprietary blend, meaning every candle is free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. The wicks are 100% braided cotton, and they won’t give off any smoke or soot that could pollute your indoor environment. When the candle is done, you can reuse our artistic glasses in the future rather than throwing them out!

But if your favourite cottage candle isn’t finished, you can keep it up at your retreat so it’ll be ready and waiting when you come back. If you’re like other cottagers across Ontario, you’ll probably be back very soon! 

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